Revved Up Like A Deuce

“I have one job on this ship. It’s stupid, but I’m gonna do it!” – Gwen, “Galaxy Quest”

     Tightness. My whole body is so tight I feel like a wind-up toy about to burst apart in a shower of springs, corks and gears. My jaw constantly feels like I’m biting down on a stick, like in those Old West movies when they have to dig a bullet out of someone’s leg and the only anesthetic they have is a bottle of rotgut whiskey. My eyes are always squinted into slits and my forehead is furrowed. And my neck and shoulders… let’s not even go there. It’s 8 am. Time to start work.

9 to 5 Mantra

Don’t take the world personally. Let it wash over you like a silvery cascade of musical notes. Then you can just observe it and marvel at the beauty and complexity as it bounces and shimmers over your head and arms, down to the ground. You’re left awash in a flood of sensation sparking all of your nerve endings that clench your stomach and make your temples throb gently. But at the core of you, it’s calm and peaceful and quiet. You are not afraid. Everything is okay. In fact, it’s kind of great. Wish I could maintain this for longer than five minutes at a time.

Alternate Reality Fact of the Day

This lovely statue of Diana suddenly appeared in a Roman canal a few months ago. No one had any idea it was there for hundreds of years…

Statue of Goddess Diana appears in Rome canal - Wanted in Rome


One thought on “Revved Up Like A Deuce

  1. maybe they should sonogram (use sonar) on some of the other canals to see if there are other treasures waiting to be discovered…. some grad students new thesis project…..


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