Excuse Me, Your Fangs Are In My Neck

“It’s a cookbook!!” – “To Serve Man”, The Twilight Zone

Do you ever feel like some sort of parasite is sucking out your life force? Did it not ask your permission first? And does that nasty mofo look more like Ratboy than Shirtless Thor? Yeah, I’m right there too, girl. I’m not saying I know what’s going on. I will say I think we’re being manipulated, lied to and fed on. I guess more will be revealed.

Joy, compassion and love. I’m hearing this message a lot right now and I believe it’s the truth. It’s been made trite by marketing, unscrupulous New Age gurus and the Hallmark Channel, but it actually is the Truth (yes, with a capital “T”)! My goal is to focus on this. It sure as heck beats focusing on how messed up everything appears to be, because it might just turn out that appearance is an illusion and we’re really stepping across the Rainbow Bridge. Guess who lives on the other side of THAT? You got it… Shirtless Thor.

Today, I heard somebody say “Take the initiative to make everything more beautiful.” I like that a lot. I want to put my energy into that. So in that vein, please check out the below video of a sight both beautiful and unearthly: two of my favorite things.

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