The Third Eye Travel Agency

“Temet Nosce” – Sign above The Oracle’s door, “The Matrix”

Try this quick visualization exercise: Close your eyes. Imagine an utterly black field before you, like the vacuum of deep space. Now ask inside your mind to be shown a light. Don’t specify what kind of light – you want to see what comes up without prompting. What’d you get? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

I got a candle flame: white heart surrounded by a “shell” of yellow, orange and finally red. As I watched, it grew and grew until it was burning away the field of black like a piece of paper set on fire. The edges curled up into smoky gray ash until that’s all that was left and the flame was gone.

I see visions when I close my eyes. I always have, since I was a very little kid. I called them my imagination and I assumed everybody experienced it. I never seriously considered that I might be seeing anything more than “just my imagination.” About a year ago I began doing what I call meditations, where I state a location, or a time period, or sometimes a deity from various cultures and religions, and ask to be shown something about them. I then set a timer for fifteen minutes and go into a state of relaxation. I turn within and wait for the pictures to appear.

I am very fortunate that they usually do. Sometimes when I am very distracted by thoughts or feelings, they won’t come or they’re fragmented and disjointed. But if I can manage to get very quiet and very still, they unfold almost immediately and I can watch them like a movie. It’s pretty groovy. I have seen some amazing and beautiful images. I don’t understand what they mean – they are very dream-like and often seem heavily symbolic. I’m also starting to suspect I may be receiving information from another plane, dimension or reality.

Anyway, I always feel a very strong compulsion to share them, so that is what I will use this blog for. I absolutely love getting feedback on these bizarre “mental movies”, so please comment on anything that grabs you. I very much appreciate your attention and thoughts. Thank you!

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One thought on “The Third Eye Travel Agency

  1. “know thyself. ” I had to look it up. Didn’t know that phrase. Though Lord knows, ive been trying to work on that most of my life!


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