The Adventures of Dinah and Dax in the Third Dimension: One


Dinah and Dax Do The Apocalypse

“Chaos! Chaos! Anarchy! Aaaarrgh!!!!!”

“Dax, shut the F up, will ya? I’m trying to have a peaceful panic attack here.”

The scarlet lizard curled his five-inch tail into a displeased “P” shape.

“Hey. I’m not micro-managing YOUR meltdown” he retorted.

Dinah sighed and pulled herself to her feet with a soft grunt.

“I’ll go outside.”

Dax growled and jumped up and down on his back legs. He resembled a rubber

toy having a temper tantrum.

“Sit down, Dinah! Listen to me. Listen to meeeee, damn it!”

Dinah turned slowly and glared at the defiant reptile.

“Did you hear that?”

Dax immediately knew he had messed up.

“Uh… hear what?”

“That cracking sound. Did you hear it just now?”

Dax snorted tentatively.

“No. What was it?”

“It was the sound of my last good nerve wearing out. Now there’s nothing left to keep my foot away from  your ass.”

Gulping, Dax darted over the floor and vanished behind the vertical blinds. Fifteen minutes on the clock, and his small flame colored head poked out from  a crack between them. He looked around. Not a soul was to be seen.

“Hello? Dinah?”

Utter silence reigned. Cautiously, he emerged and crept into the middle of the room.

“Dinah? Where are you?”

No answer. A worried scowl wrinkled Dax’s reptilian forehead. He took another step and stopped dead in his three-toed tracks. Lifting his snout, he sniffed the air deeply.

“Oh, no, she didn’t” he muttered viciously.

In a flash, he dropped down on all four legs and zipped into the hallway. A moment later, he was standing in front of the living room sofa with a death stare on his face. Dinah was ensconced on it with her feet propped up on the low coffee table. Her hand was paused halfway to her mouth with a fistful of popcorn.

“How could you?” Dax literally hissed. “You know I love popcorn.”

Dinah shrugged and held out a fat, perfect kernel.

“Oh, come on, Dax. If we have to watch the world end, we may as well do it with French butter.”

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