Lord Shiva

I’m flying through black space, pinpoints of starlight zooming past. All around me are tiny blue Ganesha elephants, floating in space. They look like little cartoons with jewelry and floral leis on. A bright yellow glow appears in the distance ahead of me. I race towards it. Behind me, a huge Garuda bird appears, seeming to chase me. His massive golden-brown wings flap soundlessly and the wind from them pushes me faster. In my mind, I can see his giant beak and his round saucer-like black eyes. There’s a gold jewel encrusted decoration draped over his feathered head, and rubies the size of small cars dangle at the sides of his face. The glow gets steadily more intense and I shoot straight into the center of it.

When I open my eyes again, I’m sitting on the ground in the middle of a vast meadow full of tall weeds and wildflowers. Golden afternoon sunlight saturates the scene. The vegetation is dry and brittle and it smells baked by the sun. I stand up. Garuda stands off to one side. He’s about four feet tall now, and he pecks at the ground. My hair is long, braided and grey and I wear a yellow and brown sari. Dots of beige are painted on my  hands and face in a precise pattern.  I begin to walk across the meadow. I’m barefoot. I reach a wide dirt road and start walking down the center of it. I can feel the cool, powdery dirt beneath the soles of my feet. The road winds down a sharply terraced hill and has very defined points and turns. I hear the word “ziggurat” in my mind.

Halfway down I see a man standing by the side of the road with his bare back to me. His skin is smooth and caramel brown and his silky black hair is tied up in a complex knot at the back of his head. He wears wide gold bands around each of his upper arms. The only clothes he wears is a pair of thin white cotton pants that fall loosely from his hips. I approach him and he looks back at me over his shoulder. He is achingly handsome. I fall to the ground prostrate and extend my arms forward. He comes up to me and I feel the palm of his hand touch the top of my head. I rise to my feet. Tingling floods my body, like effervescent bubbles swirling from my toes to the crown of my skull. My body begins to disintegrate from the ground up. As my cells dissolve, and my true essence is set free, the wisps of smoke that are me brush across his lips and drift lazily into the sky…

Lord shiva hindu god Royalty Free Vector Image

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