The Butterfly Universe

We can create a better reality than the one we’re in. We created this mess, didn’t we? We can transmute the flaming garbage fire raging out here into the Garden of Eden. All we gotta do is decide to do it.

An old-fashioned TV set with knobs and fake wood paneling. A hand reaches out and turns it on. The picture appears: a deep blue sky and trees covered in masses of Monarch butterflies. I move into the picture. I’m standing in the middle of a clump of trees. The sky overhead is deep, deep blue like the ocean. It’s warm and I can smell the toasted smell of grass in heat. Tall skinny trees surround me, reaching their long spindly tops into the sky. Each one is absolutely covered in thick clumps of Monarch butterflies. They hang in strands, extending down almost to the ground. There must be thousands, maybe a million of them. They begin to fly into the air and I can hear their wings flapping, a low, whirring sound like many tiny fans blowing at the same time.

They start flying around me and over me, brushing my skin with their wings. Pollen from their wings and bodies falls onto my face, dusting my brown skin with streaks of yellow and orange. I can feel them on my hair and arms. Some land on my shoulders and head. I stretch my arms out to either side and let my head fall back. I close my eyes and just feel the touch of wings and feet. In a few moments, they’re gone and I’m left alone in the empty trees and yellowing grass, covered from head to toe in butterfly pollen dust. It coats my eyelashes. I lift my head, lower my arms and just breathe in the stillness. Then a single butterfly moves from my back to my shoulder. It’s enormous, bigger than my hand. It leans towards my ear and starts whispering butterfly secrets to me. I listen and smile and talk softly to it in the quiet clearing…

5D DIY Full Drill Diamond Painting Fantasy Butterfly Cross Stitch ...

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