Chilly mist swirls above the ground. The scent of jasmine is in the air. I’m inside a huge circular space with no roof. The night sky arches overhead, full of stars. Many passages lead away from the center, forming a ring. There’s a big, furry, white blob there in the middle, snarling. I can’t see it clearly. It’s hard for me to focus. Then suddenly right in front of me, a large, long head appears. It’s a white rabbit. He’s very tall, and has long ears that are standing straight up.  He’s wearing a fancy suit. His eyes are glowing blue-white. He looks sinister. I know this is Hypnos. He reaches out and tucks my arm beneath his and we walk. He whispers in my ear, telling me secrets. The cold mist returns, covering the ground like a fog machine. The smell of jasmine becomes so strong, it’s overpowering. Hypnos tells me that I’m asleep. I see myself floating in the air as if I’m being held in a tractor beam. I’m bent over backwards with my head lolling to one side. My eyes are glowing blue-white. Soft ambient light floods the scene. Once again, I see Hypnos’ face close up. He whispers, “Wake up.”

Vintage rabbit head man portrait | Surreal collage | Wall art print

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