The Astronaut of Casar

He lays face down in foamy surf, his front pressed into the wet sand. Slowly and painfully, he manages to roll onto his back. His face looks strange and misshapen, the skin bulging out in clusters of protrusions. His hair is sparse and sprouts from his scalp in tufts, like random patches of weeds in a field of bare dirt. The heavens above him are periwinkle blue and serene. A crescent moon hangs in the fading evening sky with Venus diamond twinkling beside it. He lifts his head to gaze out at the sea he washed in from. His ship lists in the water 200 feet out as it sinks below the waves. It’s a large silver disc with yellow lights all around the middle beginning to blink out. His head drops back onto the sand, despondent. He is marooned. Suddenly he is surrounded by faces, bearded, wild and bewildered. They stand all around him, staring down at the sodden grey jumpsuit he wears and his oddly configured head. They help him get awkwardly to his feet and escort him up the beach to their village…

humanoide cementerio del casar | Objetos

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