Sitting in a courtroom filled with golden sunlight that angles in from floor to ceiling windows on my left side. I face the center of the Bench. I look down at my arm to see a gold charm bracelet around my wrist. I’m seeing it in close-up against the brown skin of my arm. There’s a tiny magnifying glass and there’s a sword, dangling with the point downward. I look up again. Behind the Bench in the judge’s seat, sits Maat. She is very tall and slender and dressed in the garb of the Gods depicted in the hieroglyphics. Her head keeps morphing into other Gods: I see Anubis, then Bast, then Thoth. I see a giant snake head on her shoulders too. They begin flipping faster and faster until I can’t make out whose head it is. They are all blurred together, like the landscape outside the windows of a speeding car. On either side of the Bench, two sets of gold scales sit. They are both offset, as if something heavy sits on one side of them. Huge white feathers begin to fall from the ceiling. They drift and coast down to the floor, taking their time. I watch them in fascination as they brush my face. There are so many of them…

3d Golden Scales of Justice Arkivvideomateriale (100 % royaltyfritt ...

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