The Adventures of Dinah and Dax in the Third Dimension: One


Dinah and Dax Do The Apocalypse

“Chaos! Chaos! Anarchy! Aaaarrgh!!!!!”

“Dax, shut the F up, will ya? I’m trying to have a peaceful panic attack here.”

The scarlet lizard curled his five-inch tail into a displeased “P” shape.

“Hey. I’m not micro-managing YOUR meltdown” he retorted.

Dinah sighed and pulled herself to her feet with a soft grunt.

“I’ll go outside.”

Dax growled and jumped up and down on his back legs. He resembled a rubber

toy having a temper tantrum.

“Sit down, Dinah! Listen to me. Listen to meeeee, damn it!”

Dinah turned slowly and glared at the defiant reptile.

“Did you hear that?”

Dax immediately knew he had messed up.

“Uh… hear what?”

“That cracking sound. Did you hear it just now?”

Dax snorted tentatively.

“No. What was it?”

“It was the sound of my last good nerve wearing out. Now there’s nothing left to keep my foot away from  your ass.”

Gulping, Dax darted over the floor and vanished behind the vertical blinds. Fifteen minutes on the clock, and his small flame colored head poked out from  a crack between them. He looked around. Not a soul was to be seen.

“Hello? Dinah?”

Utter silence reigned. Cautiously, he emerged and crept into the middle of the room.

“Dinah? Where are you?”

No answer. A worried scowl wrinkled Dax’s reptilian forehead. He took another step and stopped dead in his three-toed tracks. Lifting his snout, he sniffed the air deeply.

“Oh, no, she didn’t” he muttered viciously.

In a flash, he dropped down on all four legs and zipped into the hallway. A moment later, he was standing in front of the living room sofa with a death stare on his face. Dinah was ensconced on it with her feet propped up on the low coffee table. Her hand was paused halfway to her mouth with a fistful of popcorn.

“How could you?” Dax literally hissed. “You know I love popcorn.”

Dinah shrugged and held out a fat, perfect kernel.

“Oh, come on, Dax. If we have to watch the world end, we may as well do it with French butter.”

The Muses

I’m sitting in a dark wooden chair in the middle of a jungle. All around me is verdant greenery: lush, emerald, thick, gorgeous. The earth beneath my feet is black, rich soil flecked with miniscule bone-colored debris. I can smell the deep, delicious aroma of it as I squeeze it between my naked toes. I’m dressed in white clothes with an immense filmy scarf plastered across the lower half of my face. The ends of it blow backwards away from my head in an invisible breeze.

The three Muses appear in front of me. They are all brown-skinned women who look like aboriginal goddesses. Bright paint adorns their faces and bodies in geometric patterns. They are all covered in amulets and talismans, bits of cloth and beads, strings and claws and feathers and beaks. Their eyes are dark and unreadable, sharp and discerning. One of them crouches low to the ground, her long, bony legs drawn up so that she resembles a huge, gaunt bird. Another leans close and breathes into my face.

They are telling me to free myself. I look down and notice that I am tied to the arms of the chair around the wrists with thick cables of beige rope. I also see that the ropes are tied very loosely and all I need to do is shake them off. I look into the third one’s face. She has a button-like nose, a wide forehead and an open, welcoming expression. Tiny dots of color march across her cheeks, crossing the bridge of her nose in freckles of blue and green. They are perfectly round and painstakingly placed. A Muse stands behind me with her fingers twined into my hair. She has pulled it back so my hairline is exposed and is painting tiny dots all along the edge of it…


Vision: Cemetery of Anchors

On an escalator going down. At the bottom I walk across a dimly gleaming polished floor. Muted lights line the walls, casting a warm yellow glow that doesn’t do much to illuminate. I’m in a shopping mall. It appears to be empty, but as I walk past storefronts I sense people inside them. I keep walking towards the exit doors. Bright light radiates from them. I reach the doors and push them open. I step out and am standing in sand. My feet sink down into it to my ankles. I go forward, wading slowly through the soft, sifting sand.  I’m wearing a light floral print dress and a big floppy red hat with a feather in it. I’m happy because I want this hat. Margaret Cho was wearing it in a Weird Al video.

I’m in sand dunes near a seashore. A wind blows across my skin and face. It carries a chill and the scent of the ocean. I press on, climbing the dune in front of me. Giant rusted ship anchors are set into the dunes, forming strangely whimsical rows. They seem too big, or I’m too small. My feet are sinking into the sand and it’s difficult to walk, but I keep on. I notice grass in patchy tufts on the sand. [It’s called marram grass or beach grass] A sea bird stands on one long spindly leg in the sand. I hear him cawing. I reach the first anchor in a long line of them at the top of the dune. It’s very large, like the anchor on a giant steamer ship. It sits planted upright. I reach out and very lightly touch it with my fingertips. It’s covered in variegated shades of rust. I look down the line of them. There are ten, fifteen, maybe twenty of them and that’s just one line. There are at least three or four rows of them planted among the dunes. I walk through them to the other side of the dune and start going downhill. This is much faster and I almost break into a run as gravity tugs me to the bottom. When I get there, I stop, close my eyes and relish the feel of the wind on my face. The smell of the ocean is strong here. It stretches out ahead of me, flat and dark blue. There’s a lot of sand between me and the water, maybe a half a mile or so. The water laps gently at the shore in small waves. What I’m seeing looks like a cove or a harbor of some sort.

I look back up at the dunes and see a black figure standing on the top. I get an uncomfortable feeling and want the figure to go away. Then I sense a guide by my side. I can’t really see it – it’s a vague, shimmery form. It tells me I’m safe and not to worry. The black figure on the dune literally dissolves from the top down, like a bunch of pixels collapsing into itself. Then it’s gone. I relax and breathe in the air. A large Golden Retriever appears before me, wagging his tail and panting happily. The guide says I’m looking at shadows of the past. A man dressed in sailor garb appears next to the dog. They start climbing the dunes, coming right towards us. The dog jumps in the air and goes right through me, like I’m not there. I turn and see him behind me, barking at his companion. The man speaks to the dog and catches up with him. The guide says to me, “This is Portugal”. I gaze out at the ocean and breathe. Then I hear “Wake up.”

The Third Eye Travel Agency

“Temet Nosce” – Sign above The Oracle’s door, “The Matrix”

Try this quick visualization exercise: Close your eyes. Imagine an utterly black field before you, like the vacuum of deep space. Now ask inside your mind to be shown a light. Don’t specify what kind of light – you want to see what comes up without prompting. What’d you get? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

I got a candle flame: white heart surrounded by a “shell” of yellow, orange and finally red. As I watched, it grew and grew until it was burning away the field of black like a piece of paper set on fire. The edges curled up into smoky gray ash until that’s all that was left and the flame was gone.

I see visions when I close my eyes. I always have, since I was a very little kid. I called them my imagination and I assumed everybody experienced it. I never seriously considered that I might be seeing anything more than “just my imagination.” About a year ago I began doing what I call meditations, where I state a location, or a time period, or sometimes a deity from various cultures and religions, and ask to be shown something about them. I then set a timer for fifteen minutes and go into a state of relaxation. I turn within and wait for the pictures to appear.

I am very fortunate that they usually do. Sometimes when I am very distracted by thoughts or feelings, they won’t come or they’re fragmented and disjointed. But if I can manage to get very quiet and very still, they unfold almost immediately and I can watch them like a movie. It’s pretty groovy. I have seen some amazing and beautiful images. I don’t understand what they mean – they are very dream-like and often seem heavily symbolic. I’m also starting to suspect I may be receiving information from another plane, dimension or reality.

Anyway, I always feel a very strong compulsion to share them, so that is what I will use this blog for. I absolutely love getting feedback on these bizarre “mental movies”, so please comment on anything that grabs you. I very much appreciate your attention and thoughts. Thank you!

The Oracle of Delphi: How the Ancient Greeks Relied on One Woman's ...

Excuse Me, Your Fangs Are In My Neck

“It’s a cookbook!!” – “To Serve Man”, The Twilight Zone

Do you ever feel like some sort of parasite is sucking out your life force? Did it not ask your permission first? And does that nasty mofo look more like Ratboy than Shirtless Thor? Yeah, I’m right there too, girl. I’m not saying I know what’s going on. I will say I think we’re being manipulated, lied to and fed on. I guess more will be revealed.

Joy, compassion and love. I’m hearing this message a lot right now and I believe it’s the truth. It’s been made trite by marketing, unscrupulous New Age gurus and the Hallmark Channel, but it actually is the Truth (yes, with a capital “T”)! My goal is to focus on this. It sure as heck beats focusing on how messed up everything appears to be, because it might just turn out that appearance is an illusion and we’re really stepping across the Rainbow Bridge. Guess who lives on the other side of THAT? You got it… Shirtless Thor.

Today, I heard somebody say “Take the initiative to make everything more beautiful.” I like that a lot. I want to put my energy into that. So in that vein, please check out the below video of a sight both beautiful and unearthly: two of my favorite things.

Revved Up Like A Deuce

“I have one job on this ship. It’s stupid, but I’m gonna do it!” – Gwen, “Galaxy Quest”

     Tightness. My whole body is so tight I feel like a wind-up toy about to burst apart in a shower of springs, corks and gears. My jaw constantly feels like I’m biting down on a stick, like in those Old West movies when they have to dig a bullet out of someone’s leg and the only anesthetic they have is a bottle of rotgut whiskey. My eyes are always squinted into slits and my forehead is furrowed. And my neck and shoulders… let’s not even go there. It’s 8 am. Time to start work.

9 to 5 Mantra

Don’t take the world personally. Let it wash over you like a silvery cascade of musical notes. Then you can just observe it and marvel at the beauty and complexity as it bounces and shimmers over your head and arms, down to the ground. You’re left awash in a flood of sensation sparking all of your nerve endings that clench your stomach and make your temples throb gently. But at the core of you, it’s calm and peaceful and quiet. You are not afraid. Everything is okay. In fact, it’s kind of great. Wish I could maintain this for longer than five minutes at a time.

Alternate Reality Fact of the Day

This lovely statue of Diana suddenly appeared in a Roman canal a few months ago. No one had any idea it was there for hundreds of years…

Statue of Goddess Diana appears in Rome canal - Wanted in Rome


Did You See the Woman In The Red Dress?

“Lady, look at me. I don’t even know where I am half the time.” – Jay, “Dogma”

           I just read an article where some guy said life on Planet Earth is actually Purgatory and that’s why it’s so hard for a lot of people. Okay. I can see how that might be the case.  I have certainly felt like I was stuck here, marking time, wondering what the hell is going on. As I’m beginning to develop a more comprehensive, if vague and blurry, picture of what is actually going on, I’m seeing how ALL of the theories have truth in them. Even the ones that are particularly nutbag-ish or polarizing have at least a kernel of something. I think each person really has to follow their own Yellow Brick Road, so to speak. Beware the person who insists they have “The Answer” and can sell it to you for only $19.95 a month.

What Is This Blog About?

            I would love to end up with a lot of people reading this blog. However, I’m really writing this for myself, because I need somewhere to get these ideas and thoughts and feelings outside of my head. I’ve been noticing for several years now that things are SUPER freaky out there. It’s pretty clear to everybody now, amirite? I mean, a guy discovered a spider that has Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” for a body.

Tiny newly discovered spider looks like Vincent van Gogh's Starry ...

I don’t know about you, but I find that mighty strange, along with about a million other “coincidences”, “anomalies”, “you’ll never believe this” stories. Yes. Weird shit is happening on the planet at this time. Why? Well, pop some corn and pull up a lawn chair, my friend. Keep your arms and legs inside the car. Don’t take off your seatbelt. The ride will start shortly…

Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

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Can’t think how to get started? Just write the first thing that pops into your head. Anne Lamott, author of a book on writing we love, says that you need to give yourself permission to write a “crappy first draft”. Anne makes a great point — just start writing, and worry about editing it later.

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